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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Changing the Wedding Timeline Recomendation

All the information out there in countless magazines recommends booking your hair and makeup 4-6 months before the wedding. I really don't think this is a good recommendation and I would like to make hair and makeup on the "12 months ahead" category.
I have countless brides that contact me 6 months from their wedding and are completely shocked to hear that I am booked. I often ask them why they are surprised and they respond that they were following the advice of these wedding checklists and timeliness.
On the slight chance I am free, these brides seem to be panicked that they have waited so long.
I often hear from brides that book their hair and makeup in advance, like they were supposed to, and then contact me after their trial in a panic that they need to find someone else. I really don't like to get these phone calls, especially when I can't help them. I wish I could help everyone.
So, not only do I want to change the industry's mindset, I want to offer my advice to brides," to look for hair and makeup early." Have a design appointment with these people early enough to know if it is a fit and you are comfortable with their work. If things do not work out you have time to find someone else.
Remember, if you are looking in prime wedding season,June through October or looking for on site service, these services book up the fasted. I often start booking 12-16 months in advance and recommend more people think ahead. I really understand that hair and makeup are not important to everyone and it is not always high on the priority list, in fact it can be a last minute detail.If I could change the industry's mindset of last minute booking I would be happy.
I hope this advice becomes reality to all those who are looking for hair and makeup services.

1 comment:

  1. What a great article!I myself as a hair stylist & make-up artist find it frustrating when looking through bridal magazines that the beauty part is not talked much about or even planned for. Brides need to think how they want there hair and make-up to look like. They may need to grow there hair out or have the color done to look fresh.
    Your work is wonderful!