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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

hair tip of the day

Beautiful Beachcomber
courtesy of behind the
Beautiful, lush curls have never really gone out of style. Curly girls from coast-to-coast will be embracing their twisted tresses like little Miss Taylor Swift this summer because tousled beach waves and natural-looking curls are a hot hair must-have. Maintaining springy, summertime locks can be a real struggle for your clients though. "Curly hair is very vulnerable, especially in the summertime,” says Bruce Domizio, Salon Manager at Zotos International. “Humidity causes frizz and heavy products can weigh curls down or cause flaking and build-up. And chlorine exposure can strip the hair of its vitality and vibrancy.” To help clients get curls in control, teach them how to use a lightweight product like bain de terre's new All About Curls 2-in-1 Camelina Curl Refresher. Take a dab, rub it in between your palms and “scrunch” her thirsty curls. Tell her that if she wants her curls to catch some eyes, then it’s best to use it in the morning well before the humidity takes control. She’ll enjoy her fun in the sun a lot more when she doesn’t have to worry about her hair all day.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Portsmouth High school's prom fashion show

I had a great time with the models from the Portsmouth high school Prom fashion show Saturday night.
I wish them the best of luck and safety in the upcoming prom season. check o ut eh article from the Fosters
Portsmouth prom fashion show helps pay for tickets


Monday, April 12, 2010

Monika O'Clair/Democrat photo Portsmouth High School students Carissa Wong, 18, and Szarah Fink, 17, right, model gowns during the 2012 Student Council's prom fashion show on Saturday.
PORTSMOUTH — Strutting down the runway in evening attire to songs such as Lady GaGa's "Poker Face," Portsmouth High School juniors and seniors helped their sophomore peers hit the jackpot during a fashion show fundraiser at the school Saturday night.

The show netted at least $500 to offset the cost of sophomores' 2012 prom. The money was raised by about 100 students, along with their friends and family, who attended and paid $5 each for tickets. A raffle with several prizes donated by area businesses was also held.

The fundraiser was last done 12 years ago. Sophomores Aly Reardon and Liz Boynton organized it this year to help out their classmates by offsetting the cost of prom tickets, which are usually $35 a pop. They said money raised Saturday will probably bring the price down to $10.

The girls had been working on the show since January. They said it was a hectic process soliciting businesses to donate hairstyles, makeup, flowers, suits and dresses — but it all came together and the show went off without a hitch.

The show, held in the auditorium, was emceed by seniors Phil Boynton and Devin Scott.

Senior Alexandria Marousek — dressed in an open-backed, sparkling cocktail dress — and Emerson Onosko — sporting an all-white suit — drew some of biggest cheers from the crowd.

"They certainly look stunning tonight," Boynton announced to the crowd.

Class advisers Kat Anania and Dave Drukker said they were proud of Reardon and Boynton for organizing everything.

"That's why they are leaders of their class," Anania said. "They coordinated everything from getting the word out to students to soliciting business."

Dresses and suits were provided by Madeline's Event Central, Occasions Bridal and Tuxedo, Le Club Boutique, and Tuxedos with Style; makeup was provided by Joya Beauty and Hair That Moves; hairstyles were provided by Blush; limousines were provided by Great Bay Limousine; and flowers were provided by Flowers by Leslie and Ambrosia Gardens.

Monika O'Clair/Democrat photo Portsmouth High School students Gudmundur Heimisson, 18, and Emerson Onosko, right, get ready to model prom outfits during the 2012 Student Council's prom fashion show on Saturday.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Maggie and Roseanne's wedding Boston

A wonderful February wedding At the Four season's in Boston. These ladies were so fun to work with and so happy to celebrate their marriage with the family and friends. The were married in Boston and continued on to clebrate a wine bar.
This event was designed and executed with the help of Megan Whithead of Linnea Tangorra planning, photos courtesy of Cyn photography from Boston and hair and makeup done by Hair That Moves. The brides makeup was done by a family member.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The perfect details

Updated head shots!
Donna Kim, owner and wedding planner of the perfect details needed some updated photos of herself. We had a little party getting her ready, complete with sinful chocolate peanut butter cupcakes.
Donna wanted her hair and makeup to look similar to the way it does everyday to look like herself, warm and inviting.
I smoothed out her hair while Joanne, from Joya beauty made her look bright and awake and Sharyn Peavy captured it all. great shots! it was fun ladies

Featured wedding, Squam lake NH

Real Weddings – A Perfect Summer Wedding
Megan and Josh's wedding was held on Squam Lake in Holderness, N.H. Photo by emilie inc
Photography by emilie inc.
Journeys by boat and trolley, a rustic island ceremony and a vibrant and elegant reception, all set against a stunning sun-filled day on Squam Lake.
Note: Inspired by this lovely wedding? Check out more photos on our Facebook page.
It seems that fate and the universe — or at least the whims of New England weather — were smiling down upon Megan Murphy and Josh Barnard on their picturesque wedding day. It was one of those absolutely perfect and rare New Hampshire summer days — warm, but not sweltering, sunny with only a few clouds dotting the sky, no threatening thunderheads looming on the horizon and, maybe most importantly, the waters of Squam Lake remained calm.
The ceremony itself took place on Church Island, which is only accessible by boat. Guests and family gathered at Megan’s parents’ home for what Megan calls “the launch party.” Everyone then hopped into two boats (purple and blue tickets notified guests which of the two boats to take) for the watery journey to Church Island.
As the island is protected land (meaning no food could be served and there are definitely no bathrooms) everyone returned to the boats, met once more at her parents’ home, and then took trolleys provided by Wolfeboro Trolley Co. to the reception at Church Landing at The Inns and Spa at Mill Falls.

To see entire story see
Hair provided by hair that moves, makeup provided by joya beauty, event design by kate parker weddings

Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar hair BUZZ!

The buzz of the day- Oscar's red carpet who's wearing who and who looked the best. Dresses, makeup, hair and of course, jewelery.
I always make it a point to watch these award because they are often favorite looks for most brides.Hollywood sets the tone for sure.
Overall, I thought hair and makeup was average.The Makeup looked fresh and elegant, soft fresh spring colors.
Hair styles, are always a toss up. There were statements, like Sarah Jessica Parker's, large bun, or weft covered piece, taking my eye off of her absolutely gorgeous gown. Miley Sirus had a nice soft, elegant style accenting her great form fitting gown.
My favorite women of the night, Sandra Bullock. Understated and her hair was elegant and interesting, while being warn almost down. A style assured to be recreated this season.
However, some of these styles looked win blown and little messy for the red carpet. Not shiny and perfect as usual.I am guessing there was some rian or wind. I was a little disappointed. I hoped for some more inspiration.
I always love watching these award shows, as they seem to set the tone for bridal season and the overall feel for the styles most people request.
I am looking forward to recreating some of these looks this season. thanks for the inspiration!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

OOHH La La! Bordoir shoot

Wow, these ladies are brave. Such beautiful women, giving a intimate boudoir session as a gift. Some as wedding gift, some to them selves and some to their significant other as a "little something special".
One of these ladies was ready to be deployed to Afghanistan and this was something that she wanted to do for herself before she went. good for her.
The photos were taken by Shalla Melton, owner of eye sugar photography. we have been working together to help make these ladies feel their best at these boudoir shoots. I meet with these ladies for their hair and makeup and work with them on their vision of the shoot. Most women love to have dramatic eyes and sexy hair. Both of these ladies are Airbrushed because it looks the most natural in photo. After we are done, Shalla brings them into the studio to work her magic. I hear positioning is the biggest trick.
Treat yourself or your significant other to a unique gift!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Look whats happening at Madaline's Daughter

Great thing are happening at Madeline's Daughter in Portsmouth, NH. Recently renovated and full of wonderful prom dresses and wedding gowns.They are ready for the busy spring season. I hope you make them one of your stops if you are in the market for a formal gown.Under new ownership and a helpful, friendly staff, you will be in great hands.
Madeline's daughter, makeup by joya beauty, hair by Hair that Moves and photos by Glen Livermore photography, of course the help of the great models made this photo shoot possible. please contact us for more information on wedding services

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Changing the Wedding Timeline Recomendation

All the information out there in countless magazines recommends booking your hair and makeup 4-6 months before the wedding. I really don't think this is a good recommendation and I would like to make hair and makeup on the "12 months ahead" category.
I have countless brides that contact me 6 months from their wedding and are completely shocked to hear that I am booked. I often ask them why they are surprised and they respond that they were following the advice of these wedding checklists and timeliness.
On the slight chance I am free, these brides seem to be panicked that they have waited so long.
I often hear from brides that book their hair and makeup in advance, like they were supposed to, and then contact me after their trial in a panic that they need to find someone else. I really don't like to get these phone calls, especially when I can't help them. I wish I could help everyone.
So, not only do I want to change the industry's mindset, I want to offer my advice to brides," to look for hair and makeup early." Have a design appointment with these people early enough to know if it is a fit and you are comfortable with their work. If things do not work out you have time to find someone else.
Remember, if you are looking in prime wedding season,June through October or looking for on site service, these services book up the fasted. I often start booking 12-16 months in advance and recommend more people think ahead. I really understand that hair and makeup are not important to everyone and it is not always high on the priority list, in fact it can be a last minute detail.If I could change the industry's mindset of last minute booking I would be happy.
I hope this advice becomes reality to all those who are looking for hair and makeup services.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ms Teen Maine

Miss Teen Maine

I had the opportunity of working with this young lady,Vanessa as she competed in her first beauty competition. She did really well, First runner up and most photogenic, with the great makeup from joya beauty. She's not giving up, she is going back for another shot in March. We are routing for you.

Spring trends

Think Spring!
I wanted to share these soft, fresh hair trends for the spring. You could use these ideas to freshen up your everyday look. Instead of a pony tail, try a soft, loose braid, with bangs or without.
If you are looking for a casual bridal style to fit your venue or wedding location, think about some of these looks as an option.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Grace Ormond Bridal Show

Grace Ormond celebrated her 24th year of bridal shows this year. I had the opportunity to work with these lovely models to create their New york runway inspired looks. It was so much fun to work all them. Jenn Macek of Satix Salon in Dover helped me with these looks, while Joanne McDonough of joya beauty and Kathy MacDonald of Beliza salon worked their magic with their makeup. Most of these women have modeled for this show for years and are very passionate about returning every year. They have fun and it shows! They all look great
Runway is so much Fun and something we don't get to do everyday!
thanks to Mathew wagner for his great photos!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Retreat ant Franche's Point, Jillian and Fowler

Jillian and Flowler celebrated in September at the Retreat at French's Point in Stockton Spring, ME and they had such great weather. I joined Jillian and her bridal party the day before their wedding for a relaxing spa day. Jillian wanted to look her best for her rehearsal celebration of southern BBQ,complete with cowboy boots and all. The day of her wedding she and her bridal party filtered in and out of the beauty room while enjoying Jillian's bridal brunch. Such a relaxed morning and great way to start her day of celebration!

Photos by CA Smith photography