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Thursday, February 4, 2010

OOHH La La! Bordoir shoot

Wow, these ladies are brave. Such beautiful women, giving a intimate boudoir session as a gift. Some as wedding gift, some to them selves and some to their significant other as a "little something special".
One of these ladies was ready to be deployed to Afghanistan and this was something that she wanted to do for herself before she went. good for her.
The photos were taken by Shalla Melton, owner of eye sugar photography. we have been working together to help make these ladies feel their best at these boudoir shoots. I meet with these ladies for their hair and makeup and work with them on their vision of the shoot. Most women love to have dramatic eyes and sexy hair. Both of these ladies are Airbrushed because it looks the most natural in photo. After we are done, Shalla brings them into the studio to work her magic. I hear positioning is the biggest trick.
Treat yourself or your significant other to a unique gift!

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